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Entropia Fleet Alliance

Aiming to move you Safely, Securely and Affordably across the Entropia Universe.


Please keep in mind if you do not follow the instructions and advice given we can not guarantee the Security of your goods. 

Although we offer Atmospheric Docking at all Planets it is NOT ADVISED for those with stackables and it is NOT ANNOUNCED on our Live Web Chat.


Please be aware pirates may impersonate EFA crew in Web Chat! Use Mumble Chat if in doubt. Text-to-Speech is an available option with Mumble.

 In-Game Chat Channel

/join #efa-services

Training on EFA Ships

Training Sessions with EFA is conducted primarily on the Kronan  which is based at the Arkadia Space Station for the convenience of its proximity to the Local Training Grounds  Access to the EFA Kronan for skilling can be obtained through request from her Captain, Granny Rowan Render. Other EFA Ships conduct Training Sessions and should be discussed with their individual Captains.



Connect to Mumble to have a chat with us by clicking on the link on the top or right here.

Contact us in game by adding to friends list:

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Quad Taxi Pilots

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  • Ultimate Spirit Chaser

Other EFA Pilots

 Check out our YouTube Channel with tutorials on space travel and warp flights.

Tutorial on EFA's Warp Service in Russian

Flying on board of a Mothership A-Z tutorial